Tree Maintenance

Man cutting a tree limp

Due to the mature age of the community several trees in the community areas will need extensive trimming to prevent any damage to properties.  Monster Tree will conduct the work in 3 phases to clean up any dead or rotting trees in the community.

Status:  1st and 2nd Phase Complete


Turbo Haul

Turbo Haul

Have large and bulky trash items?  Turbo haul is under contract and will pick up items that do not fit in your trash bin every Friday.  Please place items out on the street in the designated areas for pickup.



Erosion Control


In partnership with the City of Raleigh, it has agreed to pay for half of the total cost to prevent further erosion from the nearby creek.  Several homes are in danger of compromised foundations from bank erosion caused by the creek under Burgess Court.

Update:  1st Phase Complete, and new culverts installed under Burgess

Current Status: 2nd Phase is currently under design review with the city.

2nd Phase is adding retaining walls to keep the stream from cutting further into the bank along property lines on Kayla Court.




Repaving of streets and parking spaces.  Due to the age of the existing asphalt all roads, parking lots, and parking spaces will be completely repaved.  The plan is to do it in sections since the the existing asphalt will need to be removed, so parking will be impacted.

Status:  Completed




All of the free-standing mailbox units are going to be replaced due to old age, wear and tear, and some that fail to lock.  These will be replaced one at a time and new concrete slabs will be poured at the same time.

Status:  Quote Approved